Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility
Environment and Quality Control
Environmental Approach

Environmental consciousness is a significant corporate issue and companies must endeavor to be environmentally friendly in their business activities. In addition, each employee must recognize his/her individual and collective influence on the environment and focus on principles of recycling, resource and energy conservation with an awareness of such environmental issues as sustainability.

'Green' procurement

Fukui Byora Group Supplier Sustainability Declaration 4th Edition In 2005 Fukui Byora established our "Supplier Sustainability Declaration". We aim to decrease the environmental impact by carefully managing supply and vendors. On November 1st of 2013 the guideline was revised into the current 4th edition. We are continuously seeking to emphasize environmental consciousness in our procurement activities and ask for the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers and customers.
  Supplier Sustainability Declaration (4th edition)

Product Quality Assurance

We have achieved ISO9001 certification in order to ensure safety and high quality international standards and deliver such products to our customers.

Process flow chart
Management process

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