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Work Environment
Superior Workplace Environment

At Fukui Byora we aim to create a continually growing enterprise through a workplace atmosphere that engenders "joy in working" and worth for each individual employee. We strive to create a fair atmosphere, where it is easy to work and keep a focus on workplace health and safety considerations. Our working environment raises the employees enabling them to increase quality in all aspects. We are committed to continual improvement, thereby ensuring quality manufacturing.

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Activating work / life balance

Through individual development, our employees can fulfill their roles both inside the home and the company, this is fundamental for a rich life. Our efforts to attain this ideal of a fully realized and diverse lifestyle, include our holiday system and various supporting systems.

Consecutive holiday system

In addition to the 3 approximately week-long vacation periods incorporated in the annual calendar of most Japanese manufacturing companies, at Fukui Byora we encourage all employees to take an extra 5 consecutive day paid vacation, at a time of their choosing, each year. Although this is exceptional in the industrial world of Japan, we feel that it guarantees the employee's relaxation in both mind and body ensuring new creativity and productivity in the workplace as well. The utilization of this vacation time is left up to the individual employee, whether to spend with family, hobbies, volunteer activity or utilizing personal study and growth opportunities. We promote personal and professional development.

Mental health

Employees are the most important asset of any company. At Fukui Byora, we feel that in order to work productively, an employee must be healthy in both mind and body so, as a matter of course, we place a great emphasis on overall health, including mental health. Our program consists of a readily available counseling system, in cooperation with medical specialists, that supports employees who may feel insecure or troubled both regarding work and in their personal lives. In addition, we endeavor to create an environment which prevents the formation of mental health problems, and promote self-care and study job supervision and management as prevention measures.

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Special holiday accumulation system

Fukui Byora's paid holiday system allows unused annual days off to be carried over into the next year (limited according to years of service). In addition, holidays can be accumulated and used in the special holiday accumulation system for long-term medical treatment. Such long-term treatment can be both for the employee him/herself and also for long term nursing and care of family members. This system is unique in the industrial world of Japan.

Maternity support system

Offering support for employees through such important life events as childbirth and childcare is part of our commitment to social responsibility. We demonstrate this commitment through the support system detailed below.

Maternity, Child Care System

1. Special time off for Medical check ups Seven days off that may be requested for periodic maternity medical checks.
2. Spouse maternity leave Two days of spouse maternity leave are offered.
3. Maternity Leave In general, until the child is 1 year of age or up to 18 months under special circumstances.
4. Childcare-limited working hours Working hour modifications are possible to help with childcare up to the child turning 3 years old.
5. Childcare time Up to 1 hour per day of childcare time is offered to those with a child up to 1 year old.
6. Childcare holiday Up to 5 holidays annually for the purposes of childcare, until the child enters elementary school.
7. Overtime work limit and nighttime work exemption Until the child enters elementary school.
Maternity Leave and limited working hours data
  Maternity Leave Childcare-limited working hours
Eligible recepients Acquisition ratio Eligible recepients Acquisition ratio
2013 2 67% 4 100%
2014 3 75% 3 100%
2015 2 100% 2 100%

Family health care support system
System for family health care leave
1. Family health care leave As the main provider of nursing health care for a family member, up to 93 days of leave may be taken.
2. Family health care-limited working hours As the main provider of nursing health care for a family member, up to 93 days of leave may be taken
3. Overtime work limit and nighttime work exemption Until the necessity of nursing health care for a family member ends.
4. Special accumulated holiday When providing nursing health care to a family member for 2 weeks or more is necessary

"Raising the next generation" support

In 2005, the tenet of "raising the next generation" was agreed upon, with the plan detailed below being put into place.On the basis of this plan, we are aiming toward adaptation as a recognized, standard business principle.

[ Fundamental action plan ]
Within Fukui Byora, we feel that both parenting and work can be fully compatible.In order to foster such an environment, we have adopted the following guidelines.

  • 1.Planned period
    5 years from December 21st, 2009 to December 20th, 2014


    Target 1. Create an environment where each employee may easily participate in parenting

    <The creation of an environment where each employee may easily participate in parenting>

    Measure1 : Special paid holiday of 2 days for spousal leave.

    Measure2 : Child-care leave procedure.Free information through company newsletters, e-mail etc.

    Measure3 : Information regarding employees involved in childcare is directed to section chiefs, in order to ensure their full understanding.

    Measure4 : A company contact is provided with whom employees may consult with ease regarding all childbirth and childcare issues relating to employment.

    Target2. Create an environment amenable to maternity and childcare leave

    <Support system for maternity leave and returning to work>

    Measure1 : Prior to the start of maternity leave, a full orientation is held to answer questions and dispel uncertainty.

    Measure2 : All information regarding maternal leave is freely available through internal company SNS, mailings etc.

    Measure3 : One month prior to reinstatement after maternity leave, a discussion with a supervisor regarding the work responsibilities of the returning employee will be held.