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Primary Processes

Custom Precision Forming

Precision forming for custom parts with shaft diameters up to 25mm (approx.1 in).

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Micro-Precision Forming

Precision forming for micro parts with shaft diameters 1mm (0.04in) or less.

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Deep Drawing

Deep drawing for parts with thin walls or deep holes that would otherwise be difficult to form from round wire material.

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Forming for Long Parts

Forming for long parts (up to 1200mm (47in)).

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Secondary Processes


Combining machining with cold forming to achieve high precision difficult with forming alone.

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From worm gears and knurling to unique rolled geometries.

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Bending/ Flattening/ Trimming

A wide variety of secondary processes such as bending, flattening, and trimming.

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Fastening/ Press fitting /Plastic Molding

Compound manufacturing that combines different materials through crimping, press fitting and/or plastic molding.

Fastening/ Press fitting /Plastic Molding | picture

 Processing Capabilities

Materials Possible with Cold Forming
Pure iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, Kovar, and various alloys. Many other metals possible.
Note: We are also able to perform tests to see if a material provided by the customer is forgeable.
Range of Base Material Sizes Possible
Base wire material diameters between 0.2mm and 23mm (0.008in to 0.90 in)
Possible Part Lengths
Part lengths between 1mm (0.04in) and 1,200 mm (47.2in) are possible.
Note: Please consult with us if your part is particularly long.
Tolerances / Precision Possible
Tolerances in the μm (micrometer) range are possible.
Note: What tolerances are possible depends greatly on part geometry and material.
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