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Fukui Byora's compliance objectives

Fukui Byora's continued growth as a company depends on the personal growth of each of our employees and on creating value unique to our company. We recognize that our foundation is based on gaining trust first from our customers and then from society. In our daily business, we often face challenging situations and tough decision making. However, to truly gain the trust of our customers and society, we make it our top priority to comply with all laws and business ethics as we continue to be a transparent company.

Compliance at Fukui Byora

Although "compliance" is usually thought of as obeying laws and regulations, at Fukui Byora we think of it as more than that. Of course, we strictly adhere to the law and to widely recognized social norms, but we also believe that adhering to our corporate ethics, making common sense decisions and following our business philosophy is all part of compliance. Below, we show four overall practices that make up compliance at Byora.

Compliance at Fukui Byora Image